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Carrie's Journal

26th July, 2014. 5:28 am.


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29th December, 2013. 7:11 am.

Lol that last post is a comment to someone and I don't know how to delete from my phone app...just ignore it :P

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29th December, 2013. 7:09 am.

It amazes me that people who claim to be friends stir up drama like that. What point is there?! I hope you find out who it is so that you don't have to suspect the others. Ugh

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3rd May, 2013. 5:21 pm. Finally!

At some point last night I could feel my immune system starting to win. It was really sudden and weird! I still feel horrible...but not *as* horrible. Yeeees.

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22nd January, 2013. 9:29 pm. Lego Birds

Awwwww XD

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8th January, 2013. 2:33 pm. Lol

I have never watched Cougar Town and have zero interest, but every time I hear the name I'm disappointed that it's not about actual cougars. Which is why I love this so much:

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3rd December, 2012. 10:00 am. Manga, Artbooks, and Action Figures Sale

Hunter's updated sale post is here.

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8th November, 2012. 11:00 am. Manga Sale Post

My friend thehunter is selling off a lot of manga and art books from her collection. If you're interested, head over to her sale post!

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14th October, 2012. 2:16 am.

Curled up in bed with an amazing book on antelope that I found today at a book sale, with a snuggly purring cat on either side of me. ^_____^

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4th October, 2012. 9:37 pm. :D

Waiting for the Nightmare Before Christmas/Frankenweenie premier double feature! :D

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